Illusions and design can work wonders when you are trying to make a small space look larger. Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, so it should be not only functional but comfortable.

With a few alterations, you can make your small bathroom look larger without major construction.


When your floorplan is small, make your imagination bigger. Design and decor can take a space and make it unlike any other.

Mirror Maximum

The bigger the mirror, the larger the illusion. Installing a larger mirror can help reflect what you envision for your bathroom.

It helps maximize the space by making it appear larger and reflecting more light in the room.

Although your bathroom already may have a mirror, or even a few, consider adding a bigger or frameless mirror to create the feel of more space!

Color It Lighter

The color of your space can also play a part in how big or small it feels to the person in it.

The more colors in the bathroom, the smaller it will appear. If you have crown molding or baseboards, consider painting them the same color as the wall and ceiling. A constant color with no sharp lines can make the space feel open.

Dividing lines between colors create contrast, which creates a stopping point. Using the same color can extend the space to appear bigger than it really is.

Lighter is better, as a dark color may not always feel welcoming in a small space. You want your guests and family to feel comfortable and not like they are hiding away in the bathroom.

Be Minimalistic

While we may have gone big on the mirror, go small on the decor. Artwork, rugs, and other clutter on the countertops can either benefit the space or make it seem smaller.

Personal touches such as artwork can make the bathroom feel inviting and cozy.

Try to limit yourself to only a few pieces. Don’t force the decor into the space. Also, find pieces that have both functional and decorative value to get double use from the accessories you choose to display.


If possible, increase the natural light. Whether that be adding a skylight or window!

If there are curtains or blinds on your window, make sure they work so they can be opened to bring in light. Or remove them altogether and add frosted privacy glass to the window.

If you choose to add a window or skylight, or already have one, clean it regularly to keep the light coming in.

Choose a lighting fixture that illuminates your space and decreases shadows. The fixture can not only act as a light source, but an accent or decorative piece to add some personalization to your space.


You do not have to install all-new fixtures, but parts of them could be updated. Instead of a curtain that closes off the shower or tub, consider adding a glass door or enclosure to give the illusion of the space being larger.

If your fixtures do not match your space or vision, replace them. Sinks may get old and rusty or have leaks, which can cause the bathroom to look dirtier than it is.

Last but not least, your toilet, which is probably the most used fixture besides your sink. Don’t forget, tankless toilets are always an option. Get that bulky tank out of there and give a little more room to your space.

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