Just because you’re spending more time outdoors this summer, doesn’t mean you should forget about your plumbing system.

Your kids are out of school and guests are coming to visit, which means your plumbing systems may be getting more than their normal use.


The pool you’ll be swimming in this summer, shouldn’t be from an undetected leak. Whether it is big or small, leaks of any kind, should not be ignored.

Inspect your plumbing fixtures both inside and out. This includes your showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, underneath the sink, sprinklers, water heater, and more.

Ensure they are in working order and have no signs of leaks. Common signs of leaks may include, rust, corrosion, broken or bent pipes, or the sound of dripping water.

If you suspect a leak and can’t see one, call a professional. Leaks, such as slab leaks are oftentimes hidden and can cause a disaster if not found in time.

Avoid Clogs


Your bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the home, especially during summer.

Having a clogged or problematic toilet when your house is full of guests and kids, can cause a major headache.

Make sure your children and other family members know how much toilet paper to use and what to avoid flushing down the toilet.

Do not flush paper towels, wipes of any kind, feminine products, toys, hair, grease, or cigarette butts.


Just like your toilet, grease, hair and other substances should stay out of your drains.

Your sink is used for washing hands, cleaning off summer fruits, washing dishes, and much more, so when it stops working it can put a halt in your summer chores.

Give your drains a cleaning with a DIY solution, or book a professional cleaning service. Some drain clogs can be too tough for the at-home remedies.

Garbage Disposals

After eating all the barbecue food this summer, you will want to dispose of it properly. The grease and other particles or leftover food can be dangerous to garbage disposals.

Avoid putting any BBQ foods down your disposal, especially ribs as the bones can damage the blades.

Outdoor Plumbing

Be mindful of your outdoor plumbing. Whether this means you have an outdoor kitchen, shower, or just your sprinklers.

The lawnmower may be brought out to cut the grass, be sure to be careful around your sprinkler heads. Lower them so they will not be damaged or cut from the mower.

Also, consider changing your watering schedule to save water. Water during cooler parts of the day, early morning, evening, or night, to prevent water waste from evaporation.

Sewer Lines

The smell of summer should not be the smell of sewer. Your sewer line is an important part of your plumbing system.

If you are noticing:

You may need sewer line repairs. These signs should be attended too quickly so the original problem does not grow into something worse.

You can prevent your main sewer line from clogging by frequent maintenance that can be done yourself.

Start by using a drain cleaner every month to remove any particles building up in your pipes.

Next only flush drain-safe materials such as toilet paper.

Avoid planting new landscape near your sewer line, roots from trees can grow into them, cracking them and causing clogs.

If you haven’t already had maintenance this year, schedule maintenance for your pipes, to ensure the efficiency of your plumbing systems.

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