Have you noticed limescale buildup in your home? Or less efficient plumbing fixtures? You might have a case of hard water on your hands.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water with a higher than normal mineral count; it typically contains higher levels of magnesium and calcium. It occurs when water travels through the ground, picking up these minerals along the way, and this excess of minerals can lead to negative impacts on your plumbing.

How Hard Water Impacts Your Home

Hard water impacts your home in a number of ways, from its point of entry to its exit from your home. Some of the most common and noticeable ways are listed below:

Coffee: When you make that fresh pot of coffee in the morning, you first must fill it with water. If you have hard water coming from your tap, this could impact the flavor of your coffee. While the excess minerals in the coffee have no adverse health effects, they can impact the flavor of the water.

Laundry: The minerals in hard water make it more difficult for the detergent to form a good lather which has a negative impact on the clothes you’re trying to clean. The effects of this usually leave you with dingy looking white clothes, stiff fabrics, and fading colors.

Plumbing: Hard water has a major impact on the effectiveness and longevity of your home’s plumbing, from the pipes that enter your home to the fixtures the water exists from. Over time, the minerals in the water build-up around your metal pipes and faucets causing what’s known as limescale. This can cause decreased water pressure and can even form clogs and blockages over time.

In order to avoid the negative side effects of hard water, just remove hard water from your home altogether. Contact our team today to learn more about your options! Either visit our website or call us at (623) 250-5883.

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