Halloween is nearly upon us, and what’s more fitting for Halloween than a night full of reading scary stories? If you’re looking for a spooky story to read this Halloween to put you in a haunting spirit, then look no further than these tales:

Mummified Faucets

Drip, drip, drip. What’s that sound? Is it a vampire drinking its dinner? Or is it a leaking faucet? Either way, you’ve got a problem on your hands that needs fixing, and quickly! This DIY horror story comes to us from a poor homeowner that just wanted to stop wasting water and racking up his bills. However keep in mind, there’s the right way to fix a leaking faucet, and then there’s the DIY way of fixing a faucet…

This poor soul decided that the best way to stop the water from flowing through a crack in the pipe was to wrap it like a mummy, in duct tape. Well, you can imagine, that duct tape only held for so long, and when he came back from his trip, he had a huge mess and large water bill on his hands.

Drain Cleaning Potion

Everyone has a little witch in them, right? However, testing out your potion-making skills on your plumbing might not be the best idea.

Take it from this witch in training: She noticed that she had a clogged kitchen drain, so in an effort to evaporate this nuisance, she whipped up a potion of different chemical drain cleaners. I’m sure you can guess how this ended…

Since chemical drain cleaners are an incredibly corrosive substance, combining different kinds of cleaners only magnifies their destructive capabilities. And not only will they melt the clog in the drain, but they’ll likely melt your pipes as well.

Don’t be like this witch, call a professional instead!

No matter what haunt you encounter when trying to deal with your plumbing, it’s always best to call a professional to have a look. If you encounter anything spooky, contact the experts at Before & After Plumbing and Drain.

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