We love trees, especially this time of year when the leaves of the Arizona Ash change to a vibrant golden color. But below ground there’s another change taking place — and this one isn’t so spectacular: a root infestation of your sewer line.

Why Roots Invade Your Sewer Line

As you know, trees, bushes, and shrubs rely on water for survival. During dry months, their roots will reach deep underground, stretching two to seven times their normal length in search of moisture. These tiny, hair-like roots are drawn to small cracks or loose joints in sewer lines, not just for the water, but for the generous supply of oxygen and nutrients they offer. Once inside, these roots will flourish, causing severe blockages and backups.

Not Just a City Problem

Invasive tree roots are a major headache for city utility workers who toil tirelessly to rid municipal sewer lines of the pesky intruders. But they’re equally troublesome for homeowners. You’re responsible for maintaining your private sewer line that connects to the municipal line. That means, if tree roots are clogging your section of the line, it’s your problem to deal with. When tree roots settle into your sewer line, you can expect slow-moving drains, clogs and — worst of all — sewage backups.

How To Keep Roots Out Of Your Sewer Line

The best way to keep roots out of your sewer line is to have a licensed plumber inspect and perform preventative maintenance. An experienced plumber will use the proper tools, such as a hydro-jet, to remove the roots and perform any needed repairs.

Bottom line: Don’t wait until a tree takes root inside your sewer line. Contact Before & After Plumbing at (623) 250-5883 to have your sewer line inspected today. Prevention is your best defense against roots.

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