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So, you have a clogged drain? Many homeowners in this situation look for a quick fix like a toxic chemical commercial drain cleaner that damage pipes and don’t fix the underlying problem. Others try plungers or other tools like augers and drain snakes to clear clogs. If these work for you, we recommend you use them, but often they simply aren’t powerful enough to remove a clog, and they can’t do anything to clean mineral buildup. This is why we recommend hydrojetting, especially if you are having consistent issues with your drains.

What is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is a drain cleaning method that uses highly pressurized water to clear clogs and mineral buildup. Over time, rust and limescale buildup can restrict your drain opening, making clogs more common. This is why hydrojetting is one of the best ways to maintain your pipes and ensure their long term effectiveness. Hydrojetting works similarly to your typical pressure washer hose. However, while those hoses reach around 2,000 pounds per square inch of pressure, your typical hydrojetter reaches ten to twenty times that amount. This allows it to speed down your pipe and clear everything in its path.

What are the Benefits?

It’s clear that hydrojetting is extremely powerful for clearing clogs and mineral buildup, but what are the other benefits? The main one is that it’s an entirely green technology. Using toxic drain cleaners endangers the local water supply because sewage treatment plants aren’t sufficiently equipped to dispose of those chemicals. Your drains are designed to dispose of water, which is all you’ll be putting down your drain with a hydrojetting. In addition to being powerful and clean, hydrojetting is fast and precise. When paired with a video inspection, we can pinpoint the exact problem areas and clear them within minutes.
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