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Improving the value of your home is good especially with the current property market. Property prices are soaring.

If you are looking to refinance or even sell, upgrades can reward you handsomely.

When renovating a house, it is good to be selfish. Look for ways to improve your comfort or boost your ambiance and appeal. A good upgrade comes with a little of both. Some updates may only be good for you; they may not increase the value of your home. For that reason, you have to select carefully worthwhile plumbing and drain upgrades.

Here are five plumbing updates that will add value addition to your home.

Ensure that all essential plumbing systems are functional

Any property inspection will give plumbing the attention it deserves. If you are looking to refinance, it may be very hard to qualify if you have dysfunctional systems in your home. Hire a reputable plumbing company such as Before & After Plumbing and Drain, LLC for all your needs.

Ensure that the piping is correct, all the drains are free from any debris, taps are closing snugly, and practically any water system is in good condition. Make sure that there are no leaks or breakages. The sanity of a home depends heavily on proper maintenance of plumbing systems.

Regular inspections and tune-ups can save you significant amounts of money and other resources. Any plumbing issues can easily result in water and mold damage. Relying on emergency repair services can sometimes be a little too late.

Installing a new dishwasher

If you already have one, ensure you do tune-ups to keep in in pristine conditions. If your home does not have a dishwasher, you can install a new one. Majority of home buyers are young and busy. A little bit of automation and personal touch goes a long way in their decision to buy or rent.

A dishwasher offers both a personal touch and the much-needed automation. Go for functionality when it comes to the dish-washing machine. A bigger house does not necessarily mean you need a bigger dishwasher. An average dishwasher is fine.

Upgrade your bathroom appliances

Rusty and old-looking appliances are a great put-off. Even when the rest of the house is excellent, few home buyers overlook an old sink, bathtub, or shower head. You don’t have to go high-end—although it’s always about your choices—ensure that they all look appealing.

Sometimes you may buy great products only for someone to position them poorly, misdesign the room, or even install them incorrectly. Ensure you have a reliable plumber doing your bathroom upgrade.

Replace the old bathroom and toilet appliances with new and efficient models. Some toilets use up to 60 percent less water compared to their archaic counterparts. Saving a gallon of water goes a long way in protecting our planet.

Currently, there are water saving taps, cisterns, shower heads, and bath tabs. You can also check out for energy efficient shower-heads or opt for tankless water heaters.

Step up to designer additions

Plumbing is boring only if you let it. You can make great additions to your plumbing areas to ensure that every guest or buyer turns at the sight of it. Designer faucets are one thing; you can supplement them with ergonomic bathroom and kitchen designs. Nevertheless, you don’t have to break the bank while at it. All you need is a great plumber to guide you through the choices.

You will be surprised at how much value you can add to your home. You can also opt for a water filtration system. It sets your home apart in any market. You can say goodbye to bottled water or replacement water filters. A few unique designs can step up your home a notch higher.


Plumbing upgrades can make your home better. A cozy bathtub, modern kitchen, smooth drains, and other updates ensure that your home is functional, safe, and efficient. For reliable and professional plumbing installations, call us today!

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