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Is your family getting ready to go out of town? You’re probably looking forward to a relaxing vacation, but a plumbing problem while you’re gone could cause stress during your trip. Follow these tips to help avoid a flooded basement or other plumbing problems when you head out of town.

Check for Leaks

A small leak could cause a massive problem if left unnoticed. You don’t want to come home from vacation to a flooded basement or pool in your living room. Doing a thorough check for leaks. Common signs of leaks include the sound of running or dripping water when the water is off, low water pressure, and mold or rust on pipes. Whether it’s a small leak from the faucet or a slab leak, don’t ignore it, as it can cause larger problems.

Turn Off Your Water

You’ll want to do this right before you leave unless you have a house sitter. Water runs through pipes in your home, which can be under floors, through walls, and out of faucets. You probably don’t realize how much water is running through your home, until a pipe bursts. To avoid any water problems while you’re away, turn off the water supply to your water heater, washing machine, outdoor plumbing such as faucets, and maybe even your main water supply. This depends on how long you are out of town, if you’re traveling for months, it may be smart to turn it all the way off.

Plumbing Contacts

If you are having someone watch your home, or your pets while away, be sure to leave them emergency contact information. This isn’t just your phone number. Leave contact information for emergency plumbing, just in case a plumbing problem pops up.
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