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Some of the most important simple life lessons are taught at home. Plumbing is a part of basic living systems and something children can begin to understand at a young age. It is important to begin teaching them simple lessons about your plumbing. Some are recommendations according to your child’s age, but you know your child best.

1. Toilet Do’s and Don’ts

From when your children are in preschool, they can truly comprehend what is right and wrong. Some children find flushing the toilet and the swirling water fascinating, making them think it’s a toy and they can throw whatever down it. Of course as adults we know this is not the case. You will want to teach your child what can and cannot go down the toilet. Toilet paper, “number one” and “number two” should be the only things getting flushed or put into the toilet. Avoid flushing:

2. Water Basics

In preschool as well, they can begin to know, they should not leave the water running. They also can begin to learn other water basics. This includes the difference between hot and cold water. Since this is to the touch, they can learn this as a sensory activity. Once they get into their teens, or even around 12, it may be smart to teach them where the water shut off valve is, incase of emergencies.

3. Garbage Disposal Safety

Once they’re about 6 and may be helping wash dishes, teach them about the garbage disposal. It can be very dangerous. They should know to never stick their hand in it and also to avoid putting trash down it. It is not a trash can. Some foods to avoid putting down the disposal include:

4. How To Use A Plunger

A plunger is not a super easy tool to use for a kid, so maybe wait til they are about 12 to teach them to use it. Teaching them to plunge can help avoid overflowing toilets. Also remind them to not flush again if the toilet seems clogged. Before & After Plumbing and Drain, are experts within the Arizona area and can provide top-notch service. Don’t take the risk, call us at (623) 250-5883 for all your plumbing and drain needs!
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